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Australia’s Best Designed Off Road Camper Trailer - 8 Reasons Why

Updated: Apr 4

Kerfton Off Road Camper Trailer in Outback Australia

1. Quick setup time - under 4 minutes

In a Kerfton you can be setup for an overnight stay in under 4 minutes. This includes bedding for the whole family with no need for “kids rooms”, stretcher beds or inflatable mattresses. Bedding stays made-up when the camper is folded. Watch the video below to see how easily and quickly the Kerfton can be setup.

2. Designed to compliment the look of modern vehicles

The Kerfton delivers automotive styling combined with off road ruggedness and looks great whether it's parked in the driveway or pounding the corrugations of an outback highway. We get some fantastic quotes from the general public.

“Hi Barry - This message is just to compliment you on the quality and innovation of your camper. It looks great and the finish very clean for fibreglass. Not too over-styled and yet very functional. Sincerely Leonard”

“It is a stunning camper. Great and very quick to setup and close down. Super comfortable bed. Lots of usable storage everywhere.”

Kerfton 4 berth off road camper trailer side on

3. Convenient fridge & kitchen access

A lot of time and effort was put into the design & mechanism of the slide out fridge carrier and kitchen. So much so that a a patent was taken on the design so it’s completely unique to the Kerfton Camper Trailer. Once the tailgate is open its easy to access the fridge and kitchen. A great feature of the kitchen is that’s fully plumbed with hot and cold water so no need to connect any hoses. For families that love touring, roadside lunch and rest breaks are easy with the Kerfton Camper.

Toyota Landcruiser towing Kerfton camper trailer

4. Compact design

By utilising the living area to store the fridge carrier and kitchen, the Kerfton Camper Trailer is able to achieve a compact design that’s shorter, more narrow and lower than a Toyota Landcruiser. This means the Kerfton is great to tow on and off-road and is easy to store when not in use. One of our recent customers provided this feedback "Incredibly easy to tow and the width and height allow to be very fuel efficient. Over a 1000km trip our fuel economy was 14.5 litres per 100kms with a 2.8lt diesel Prado. Perfect family or couple camper to travel remote or coastal Australia. Can’t talk highly enough for the build quality and design."

Rear view of the Kerfton Camper Trailer's slide out fridge carrier and kitchen

5. Huge internal living space & storage

The Kerfton is a walk-in camper with over 190cm’s of internal height which makes it super comfortable for families when getting changed or just moving around internally within the camper. There are cupboards that run alongside both sides of the camper and draws at the front which provide superior storage space.

Interior view of Kerfton off road family camper

Interior view showing the Kerfton's huge storage options

6. Queen size bed & 2 kid pods

Unlike other camper trailers, the Kerfton was designed around a full size Australian queen bed. This means all your bedding and linen from home will fit and stays made whilst travelling. The mattress is an inner-spring mattress which provides superior comfort whilst camping. On the sides of the trailer there are 2 x kids pods which are 2.2m long and provides plenty of space for teenagers or you can top and tail smaller kids. The pods are recessed down in the trailer which is great for privacy. There are also USB chargers nearby which makes it easy for the kids to charge their ipads etc.

Kerfton kids pods and slide out table

Kerfton's huge 2.2metre long kids sleeping pods

7. Off Road Capability

The Kerfton is lightweight, compact and narrow which are all great features for off-road touring. The Kerfton comes standard with a 360 degree off road coupling, 33 inch tyres with the wheel arch designed to fit up to a 35 inch x 12.5 wide tyres for those interested in serious off-road usage. Independent trailing arm suspension combined with cruisemaster shocks means the Kerfton will have no issues exploring Australia’s rugged tracks and landscapes.

Kerfton off road suspension setup

8. Gold Medal Winner - 2022 Australian Good Design Awards

On September 20th, 2022 Kerfton was awarded a gold medal at the Australian Good Design Awards.

Kerfton gold medal - good design awards Australia

Other small features which makes the Kerfton a great choice for Australian families wanting an off-road camper trailer.

  • Interior lighting makes the trailer safe for kids at night.

  • Slide out table is perfect for making the interior space much more functional.

  • Fully self-supporting on any service makes anywhere a campsite.

  • All latches are lockable into all compartments.

  • Fridge carrier and kitchen can be locked inside.

  • Steps that are comfortable and safe.

  • Diesel powered hot water system & internal heater.

  • Fully plumbed kitchen with hot/cold water - no hoses to connect.

  • Galvanised steel chassis

More images of the Kerfton Camper Trailer

Kerfton Camper Trailer with annexe setup
Annexe setup which provides shelter for cooking & relaxing.

Camper Trailer Kitchen - Kerfton Off Road Camper
The stainless steel sink is removable so you can drain the dishwater away from the camp spot without needing a bucket.

Fridge carrier & kitchen can be locked inside and with canvas cover is completely waterproof.

Kerfton Off Road Camper Trailer LED lighting
Internal & external LED lighting with amber colour that won't attract bugs and can be left on for those kids that are a little scared of the dark.

Kerfton Off  Road Camper Trailer in the Kimberley
Step also has an LED light and interior & exterior lights can be controlled separately.

Kerfton Family Camper Trailer - External 3/4 view with steps
Safe & comfortable steps were built into the design of the Kerfton.

To see more of the Kerfton in action, please check out our Kerfton Camper Trailer videos page.

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13 comentarios

26 may

Could I get a price list please

Me gusta
Barry Trippit
Barry Trippit
27 may
Contestando a

Sorry, your email appears to be incorrect.

Me gusta

16 mar

Where would I be able to find a price list?

Me gusta
18 mar
Contestando a

I will email you one.

Me gusta

28 ene

Is there a privacy screen for the queen bed?

Me gusta
18 mar
Contestando a

Not yet. But its an easy addition, we just haven't yet got around to making them.

Me gusta

Miembro desconocido
17 ene

Looks like a great design but my only question is that it looks like the roof is a single layer. Doesn't this make it hot in warm weather and cooler in cold weather?

Me gusta
22 ene
Contestando a

We have an optional thermal blanket that goes over the whole roof. Keeps it significantly cooler in summer and warmer in winter.

Me gusta

Miembro desconocido
21 jul 2023

Would an awning be available to go over the back area so that cooking can still be done in the rain?

Me gusta
24 ago 2023
Contestando a

Yes. Rear awning (roof) is available as an option. Sidewalls are also available and be used vertically down to keep out the rain. Or setup on an angle to allow airflow while providing shade.

Me gusta
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