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with the perfect family camper trailer


Sculpted to stand out, Kerfton has developed a design that brings a new level of form and finish to the camper trailer industry.

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The exterior delivers automotive styling combined with off road ruggedness.  The only camper trailer that complements the look of modern vehicles.  A Kerfton looks great whether its parked in your driveway or pounding the corrugations of an outback highway.

hard floor family camper trailer

The high level of finish continues on the inside with a clean and uncluttered interior living space.  The cupboards have a luxurious high gloss finish and flush fitting handles.  Which looks great and is easy to clean. 

family camper trailer kitchen

The kitchen and fridge carrier are a distinctive combination of stainless steel and black finish.

The kitchen pantry is the perfect spot for a coffee maker.


Ever felt the gaze of others as you arrive at a busy camping area?  Onlookers watch as you select your spot and start unpacking.   But there’s no need to worry with a Kerfton because setting up is so simple that you will look like pro every time.

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In a Kerfton you can be setup for an overnight stay in minutes.  This includes bedding for the whole family with no need for “kids rooms”, stretcher beds or inflatable mattresses.  Bedding stays made-up when the camper is folded.

​A Kerfton can be setup on any ground surface.  Its fully self supporting which means there is no need to drive in tent pegs or position poles on the ground.  Overnight stops on long journeys are easier when any spot is a potential camping spot.

Kerfton off road family camper trailer setup at camp.

The kitchen and fridge are accessible without erecting the tent.  If you arrive late at camp, one person can start preparing dinner as another unfolds the living area.

The kitchen is ready for use as soon as its moved into position.  It is permanently plumbed with hot and cold water and gas.  So, there's no hoses to connect and nothing to be forgotten and lost at the previous camp spot.

Kerfton family camper trailer quick access kitchen

Every Kerfton comes with a large table and bench seats, perfect for those kids not yet able to eat from a plate on their lap.


These are accessible as soon as the tailgate is opened making them perfect for roadside lunch stops.

The stainless steel sink is removable so you can drain the dishwater away from the camp spot without needing a bucket.

Kerfton camper trailer comes with bench seating & table for quick lunch stops

Storage space in a Kerfton is more than ample for extended camping. There are six interior cupboards and two drawers; the kitchen includes a large and small drawer and an open pantry area.


The fridge carrier accommodates fridges up to 78lts.  The front storage boot is big enough to fit a portable bbq (e.g. Webber Baby Q Premium), a chemical toilet and all your other camping gear.  The top of the boot can also be used for external storage.



Nothings as important as a good night’s sleep.  

The Kerfton has a full queen sized master bed and two large single beds.

The whole family sleeps in style, in comfort, in safety, inside. The perfect family camper.

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Kerfton 4 Berth Family Camper Trailer with 2 kids beds and full size queen bed

The size of the trailer was designed around the queen master bed.   Being an Australian standard size, all your linen from home fits perfectly.

The single beds are the ideal size for sleeping bags. 


All beds are inside in the trailer, away from the creepy crawlies which is great for those families with younger children. 


The two single beds are separated which means no fighting between kids at bedtime.  In fact, your children will probably love having their own personal space.

For bigger families the single beds are long enough to top-and-tail smaller children.

The heater is great for making the interior more comfortable on those cold evenings and early mornings if you don't have a roaring campfire outside.

Interior of the Kerfton camper trailer with separated kids beds & full queen size bed for adults

Interior space within a Kerfton is larger than many hard floor trailers on the market. There's also plenty of interior height for standing up while getting changed.

The table can also be used inside making an interior meals area.  Or a great spot for that board game before the kids are off to bed.

Kerfton off road family camper trailer in full setup mode at camp

The entry steps are comfortable and easy to use.  With a full height door there's no need to duck down when entering the tent.  A huge benefit when you might be in and out dozens of times a day.

The tread height and spacing of the steps were designed using domestic staircase standards which is why the're so natural to use.

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